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It is a recipe registration application software for you.

Recommended for

  • Want to register their own recipes.
  • Want to register recipes as easily as possible.
  • I want a shopping list.
  • No need to import from various recipe sites.


List of Functions


  • Foods and process can be registered.
  • You can separate categories.
  • You can register the number of servings.

Foods Registration

  • Easy insertion by pre-registration of “tablespoon, teaspoon, g, cc, book, sheet,” etc.
  • You can sort order the foods.
  • Foods can be divided into up to 3 groups.

Process Registration

  • You can insert foods that have been grouped together.
  • You can sort order the processes.

Recipe View

  • You can calculate the amount of food by changing the number of servings.
  • The process will automatically insert the value. Example: salt -> salt (1 tsp)
  • Tap the foods you have grouped together to display a list.

Shopping List

  • Foods from selected recipes can be registered as a shopping list.
  • Matching foods in multiple recipes show total quantity
  • Check leftover foods by foods or by recipe.


  • Categories can be freely edited
  • Prefixes (tablespoon, teaspoon, etc.) can be freely edited
  • Units (g, cc, etc.) can be freely edited


There is nothing unique about the registration of recipes, but it is reasonably easy to register.

If anything, we were conscious of the ease of viewing the recipes once they were registered.

When I was cooking while looking at a recipe, if it says “add salt, sugar, vinegar”, I had to check the foods column again. This app automatically inserts “soy sauce (1 tbsp), mirin (1 tbsp), sake (1 tbsp)” so I don’t have to move the screen. (*You do have to match the names, though…)

I also find it convenient to simply tap the group name ([A], [B], [C]) to display the list of foods, even when the seasonings to be added together are grouped.

All you have to do is select the recipe you want to make, and a simple shopping list will be created. Although only “g” and “cc” are supported because of the wide variety of ways to express necessary quantities, it is very convenient because you can check what is missing in each “foods list” and each “recipe”.

Please try to use it.


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